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Cancer dating leo man

You should discuss your wishes with your surgeon before considering this surgery.

It could also help to talk with someone who has a testicular prosthesis, to hear what it has been like for them.

Other effects could include fatigue, hot flashes, and loss of muscle mass.

These side effects can be avoided by taking testosterone supplements, either in a gel, a patch, or a shot.

Usually men with testicular cancer are young and may be concerned that their appearance has changed.Effects of lymph node dissection: Surgery to remove retroperitoneal lymph nodes is a major operation.Serious complications are not common, but they can happen.Surgery is typically the first treatment for all testicular cancers.As described in the section How is testicular cancer diagnosed?

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The prosthesis approved for use in the United States is filled with saline (salt water) and comes in different sizes to match the remaining testicle. There can be a scar after the operation, but it’s often partly hidden by pubic hair.